Board of Education

The Board of Education as a group welcomes community input, but understands that some people may wish to address their issues or concerns to individual members. When considering to whom your concern should be addressed, please follow the chain of command below. The group link below will send your message to the full Board; individual links will forward your message only to individual members.


Chain of Command


School Level:              General District:

Teacher                                         Supervisor/Directors

Principal                       Superintendent

Superintendent         Board of Education*

Please use the email address to email the Board members. 


Board Member                                 Committee Chairperson               Term

Robin McKeon, President                     Personnel                                          2019-2021

Karen Gray, Vice President                  Curriculum                                        2017-2019

Michael Byrne                                                                                  2017-2019

Jennifer Korn                                              Policy                                                2018-2020

Karen Richman                                          Ad Hoc SEL                                      2019-2021

Timothy Salmon                                        Finance                                              2019-2021
Suzanne Schafer Skalski 2019

Jennifer White                                          Advocacy                                          2018-2020

Linda Wooldridge                                                                  2018-2020

Nick Markarian                                         Superintendent