Math Acceleration

The Math Acceleration Application will be available/accepted from April 10 - May 11, 2017 only.  Students interested in applying to take an acceleration course during the summer of 2017 will need to apply during this time period.   

  • Students must have grades for MP1, MP2 and MP3 before an application will be considered.
  • To be eligible to accelerate, students must: 
  1. Currently be in an honors mathematics class (if already in high school)
  2. Have a cumulative A average in that honors class
  3. Demonstrate an ability to be able to handle an advanced workload
  • The only online course that will be given consideration would be a course through Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.
  • Courses taken the summer before grade 9 will not appear on the high school transcript or count as a graduation requirement. 
  • Approved courses in subsequent summers will be recorded on the transcript as Pass/Fail and will receive credit, but will not count toward the Ridge GPA.
  • The student must finish the year with a final average of an A or better.
  • Please do not register for any course until you receive approval via email from Mrs. Wolff.

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