Course Reimbursement

Graduate Course Pre-Approval


There are no funds remaining for summer and fall semester courses (beginning on or after May 1, 2018 and ending on or before December 31, 2018). The form at the above link currently can only be completed by certified staff for courses to be recognized for salary guide advancement only – not reimbursement – or by members of the BTAA.

You will have to complete a separate form for each class. Once your Google form is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation that it was received. Notification as to whether your request is approved or denied will be done via email from the email address The next opportunity for reimbursement will be in October 2018 for winter and spring semester courses (beginning on or after December 1, 2018 and ending on or before May 31, 2019). At that time, forms for graduate course pre-approval will be accepted via a Google form. A sample of the form can be found below. We will no longer be accepting paper forms. The only way you can request reimbursement is by completing the Google form. If a paper form is received, it will not be reviewed for reimbursement and will be sent back to the employee.

Certified employees will be reimbursed for twelve (12) credits per school year (July to June).  However, certified employees who were accepted for enrollment prior to July 1, 2016 will not be held to this restriction.  In addition, if an employee (tenured staff only) does not remain an employee of the Board of Education for two (2) additional years after receiving the most recent course reimbursement check, he/she shall repay the reimbursement per the following percentages:

• Leave within one (1) year – The Board must be reimbursed 100%.
• Leave within two (2) years – The Board must be reimbursed 66.67%.

In addition, the following stipulations apply per Article XI of the BTEA Contract:

Only teachers with standard or permanent certificates may apply for course reimbursement.
Only active personnel will be permitted to receive course reimbursement.
All courses must receive pre-approval to be reimbursed.
Teachers will receive 100% reimbursement for the first graduate degree program (capped at the Rutgers University rate) – letter of matriculation required.
Teachers will receive 75% reimbursement (capped at the Rutgers University rate) for subsequent masters degree or any doctoral program – letter of matriculation required.
Teachers will receive 50% reimbursement (minimum of $225 per academic year) for non-matriculated courses and/or certificate programs.
Maximum reimbursement is at the current per credit Rutgers University rate.
Reimbursement request must be made within 3 months of completion of course.
The following must be indicated on the pre-approval form:
o If you reside outside of New Jersey.
o Tuition cost (reimbursement will not be provided for any other fees, including technology fee, books, etc.).
o Start date of the course.

Graduate Course Reimbursement - Winter and Spring Courses

As a reminder, the following items need to be returned to Christina Hendricks in the Board Office in order to ensure timely processing of reimbursement payments:

•Pre-approval form approved by Mr. Siet 
 Signed voucher, with the following information listed:
Your name in vendor section and building reimbursement check is to be sent
Complete title of course (include course #)
 Name of college/university
Number of credits
Bill/registration form indicating breakdown of all costs/fees for course (the breakdown must be included)
 Proof of payment (credit card statement, copy of canceled check)
 Copy of grades

There will be no notification of an incomplete course reimbursement request. In addition, the institution must be listed on the U.S. Department of Education’s website of accredited universities at Please be sure to list your name and the name of your college/university on all e-mail correspondence or it will be discarded. No substitution of pre-approved courses is permitted without appropriate documentation from the university.

If you have any questions, please contact Christina Hendricks at or at (908) 204-2600 ext. 101.

Sample Form

 Course Reimbursement Form

Course Reimbursement FormCourse Reimbursement Form