Advanced Placement Testing



September 2020 Registration Letter

Dates, Times & Locations:                                                                                                                                        

Testing and exam dates are not flexible. These are set by The Educational Testing Service, not by Ridge High School. Make-up exams will only be allowed for approved reasons by the College Board.  If you are ill, you must have a legitimate doctor’s note in order to make up the exam and this note must be provided to Mrs. Cuccaro. For a morning exam, students must report to the specified testing room by 7:30 am. For an afternoon exam, students must report by 11:30 am.  All exams will be administered at Ridge High School; specific locations will be posted on the School Counseling website and on the bulletin board outside the cafeteria at the end of April.



Students with an AM exam only will take lunch after the exam (the proctor will let you know when you’re expected back in class).  Students with a PM exam only will take lunch 5th period.  Students with both an AM and PM exam will only have a 10 minute break between exams to eat and should bring a bagged lunch.


Attendance Policy: 

Students are expected to attend classes when not taking an AP test.  Absences from class during the morning or afternoon surrounding your AP test are chargeable, and the attendance office must be notified PRIOR to the absence. Calls and notes "after the fact" will not be accepted; those absences will be considered cuts.  Be sure to allow ample time to sign in with attendance before the 11:30 am reporting time to the testing room. Students who arrive even a few minutes late will not be permitted to take the exam. 


What to Bring:

Students should bring their own calculators, batteries, and at least two sharpened #2 pencils.  Students may also bring a watch or time keeping device (without an alarm). They will also need their AP Student Pack, which was given out during the Pre-Gridding session. Refer to the AP Bulletin or the College Board website for a complete list of necessary items on exam day.


What NOT to Bring:

Cell phones, food, or drinks are not allowed in the testing room. A student found with a cell phone will be prohibited from continuing to test and the test will be voided. Refer to the AP Bulletin or the College Board website for a complete list of prohibited items on exam day.

Late Testing Policy:  
Late testing will only be considered if there is an emergency on the day of testing or if a student is involved in a school-sponsored event that takes place on test day. The College Board may charge an additional $45 fee to test depending on the circumstances and students may be asked to submit documentation as evidence of the reason to need a late test. Please note that having more than one exam on any test day is not an approved reason to test late. 


Call the School Counseling Office for any emergency on test day:  (908) 204-2585 x106, 107, or 108.


If you have any questions about a specific exam, please go to the College Board’s AP website: